Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Control of Other Scanning Devices

Control of Other Scanning Devices

AFM hysteresis correction by NanoMaker

To use AFM/STM device as technological tool it is necessary to provide access to any point of a sample during just the same lithography session or during the next lithographic session. The task was realized by connection of a AFM device with software package NanoMaker initially developed for control of an e-beam lithography. In comparison to e-beam lithography AFM/STM device has very essential and unpleasant future hysteresis of motors for cantilever movement. An example of such distortion can be seen on Fig.1a.

Fig. 1a. Due to hysteresis area of a bottom-left 1um square is four times lager then a top-right one Fig. 1b. After correction of hysteresis 1% accuracy could be achieved in scanning field.

A special procedure was developed to measure hysteresis characteristics of any AFM/STM device. Then a additional correction procedure was implemented to package NanoMaker to compensate hysteresis errors "on fly". As result accuracy about 1% across a scanning field could be provide by the software (Fig.1b).

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