Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Dynamic Delay Correction

Dynamic Delay Correction

NanoMaker provides with one more absolutely unique feature to measure and apply active countermeasures of dynamic distortions of deflection system. Till now only one way has been used to solve this problem that is switching off the e-beam by a blanker. This actually means to de-energize for some period of time. It dooms to downtime. Though the duration of such stoppages is estimated in milliseconds total time is long enough. NanoMaker is supplied with a feature to avoid de-energizing and solve the problem "on-the-fly" by calculation of the trajectory to provide placement of the e-beam in the required place and point of time.

This feature makes microscopes lacking blanking system for carrying out lithography. In case the microscope is equipped with mechanical stage with laser interferometer NanoMaker enables both to design large scaled structures with shifts and adjust microscope field settings.

This test was made in Raith GmbH company to demonstrate the advantages of dynamic delays correction. Writing was done with 13 bit resolution and 18 us dwell time on JSM 6400 without e-beam blanking system.

Working principle Test pattern
Fig. 1a. Working principle of dynamic compensation Fig. 1b. Test pattern for recognition dynamic effects

Fig. 1a shows the working principle of dynamic compensation. The design of test pattern that was used to demonstrate the results of dynamic delays correction during exposure session shown on Fig. 1b.


Fig. 2a. Pattern written without dynamic compensation technique Fig. 2b. Pattern written using dynamic compensation technique

Fig. 2a shows the image of test pattern made without dynamic compensation technique. The broken part is due to long (200 micrometers) e-beam leap, after which the transient process in deflectors and amplifiers keep taking place for several milliseconds. Such distortions can be corrected by standard way that is by inputting Settling Time=1-10 milliseconds and blanking. It results in time delay when designing and processing speed dwindles.

NanoMaker allows to calculate the trajectory of the e-beam and move it to the right place at the right time. The Fig. 2b shows the result of writing with active countermeasures of dynamic distortions of deflection system.

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