Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Essential instruments/facilities/conditions for NanoMaker installation

List of essential Instruments/Facilities/Conditions for NanoMaker installation

Next instruments/facilities/conditions we will need to fulfill the installation of NanoMaker:

  1. The SEM must be fully operable during installation procedure and provide high resolution images, close to declared by vendor parameters. External Scan interface must be operable.
  2. Separate PC compatible Pentium or higher-class computer under MS Windows 2000/XP/7 OS (English/American language version) with Administrator privileges access. Free access is required under computer case to install NanoMaker Pattern Generator hardware into free PCIe slot. Free USB or LPT port to install protection dongle.
  3. The SEM has to be equipped with special specimen holder that carries Faraday Cap, high resolution test specimen and allows to hold pieces of silicon substrate with clips (without gluing). An example of such holder you can see at the site of SEMTech Solutions company: here and here.
  4. A Picoammeter must be connected to specimen holder to measure absorbed beam current in range 1 pA - 1 uA (Keithley 485 picoammeter or similar is recommended).
  5. Facilities and chemicals for resist development after exposure. Usually, during the installation we use Si substrates (pieces of wafer) of 1x1 cm size approximately covered by PMMA 950K resist. The development solution is IsoPropilAlcohol in water = 8:1. If customer wants to try different substrates/resists - this is up to his responsibility.
  6. An optical microscope with good enough resolution (submicron) to inspect the result of resist development.
  7. To fulfill lithographic tasks SEM need to be calibrated. For that end customer need to have special calibration specimen. For example, like calibration pattern S1930 from Agar Scientific Ltd. ( http://www.agarscientific.com/) or similar. This specimen will be useful for long time of exploiting.
  8. A simple oscilloscope can be useful during the installation.
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