Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Q&A item.

Q&A item

Q&A: Hardware

Q: About beam blanker control. When switch to External Scan is not controlled by NanoMaker there could be a problem of uncontrolled overexposure. How to resolve this?
A: When you switch External Scan on from your SEM control software (or by mechanical switch) and the NanoMaker software and/or hardware is not switched on yet the beam isnt controlled and just settle in the middle of writefield. To prevent this be sure that:
  1. blanker and NanoMaker hardware are powered and NanoMaker software is running;
  2. check that blanker settings in NanoMaker software are correct (Options->Exposure and Video Options->Jumps->Blank Type :: Ectrostatic) or if you dont using apparatus beam blanking (Options->Exposure and Video Options->Jumps->Blank Type :: Not Installed) and beam park position defined at a corner of writefield (Options->Exposure and Video Options->Jumps :: Beam Park Position);
  3. Blank the beam first (or send it to BPP) by using Hardware Control dialogue! (File->Hardware Control->Beam OFF);
  4. And only then Switch On External Scan.

So change the sequence of operations: Beam OFF first, External Scan On then.

After finishing of exposure, in case of absence of apparatus beam blanking, switch off beam current first.

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