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Elli-28 and Elli-27 PCI Pattern Generator boards

Elli-28 and Elli-27 PCI Pattern Generator boards

Elli-28 PCI Pattern Generator board and its predecessor Elli-27 are advanced data acquisition products. Their features high speed Digital-to- Analogue addressing capabilities and Analog-to-Digital sample conversion.

Elli-28. Pattern Generator BoardElli-27. Pattern Generator Board
Fig. 1. Elli-28 PCI Pattern Generator board Fig. 2. Elli-27 PCI Pattern Generator board

Pattern Generator boards solutions include:

  • Digital board for PCI bus slot inside the PC
  • Analogue desktop unit with its own stabilized power supply
  • 2 meter double shielded cable
  • Software Drivers
Digital and Analogue units are connected by cable, using optically coupled pairs.

Pattern Generator boards carry:

  • Two 16-bit Digital-to- Analogue Converters (DACs) (60ns Settling Time)
  • One 8-bit Analogue-to- Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Beam Blanker On/Off switch (TTL output level)
  • Internal/External scan mode switch (TTL output level)

Output XY DACs and input ADC voltages can be tuned for arbitrary intervals in ±12.0 V range.

Time characteristics of the Pattern Generators depend on Exposure / Image Acquisition modes:

Time characteristics Elli-28    Elli-27   
  • Minimal exposure dwell time (period of XY DACs addressing) 0.2 us 0.4 us
  • Minimal Image Acquisition time (period of XY DACs addressing + getting ADC signal) 2.0 us 3.5 us
  • Dwell time step (accuracy of dwell time increasing) due to empty loop of PC depends on processor frequency. For example, if processor frequency is 1000 MHz then dwell time step is near 2 ns 2 ns
  • Minimal exposure dwell time in BeamOutAfterPoint mode (time between BlankOff - BlankOn addressing) 0.4 us 0.4 us
  • On-Board Image Accumulation (per Accumulation cycle) 0.12 us -   
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