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NanoMaker lithographic system is installed in Research Laboratory of the Rzeszow University (Poland)

NanoMaker lithographic system is installed in Research Laboratory of the Rzeszow University (Poland)

November 11, 2013

NanoMaker Lithography System installed at Rzeszow University (Poland)

Press Release

Moscow, Russia, Interface Ltd., a leading company in the filed of implementation of IT solutions, provided and installed the NanoMaker lithography system at the laboratory of nano-lithography and photo-lithography technology of the academic Center for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology of Rzeszow University (the Podkarpackie Region of Poland).

NanoMaker is a lithography system for SEM/FIB based designing and manufacturing of 2D and 3D microstructures. NanoMaker includes special-purpose graphic editor to design hierarchical structures of any size and shape arranged to any level of complexity as well as to import and export the obtained designs into formats compatible with the majority of existing lithography systems. The software has friendly graphic interface ensuring easy and productive designing process.

This solution allows one to control exposure modes, to perform image acquisition and processing, to work with large fields and provide seamless stitching of images, to measure and compensate static and dynamic distortions of microscope deflection system, to ensure command mode of the operation.

The suite is supplied with a set of recommended parameters for the selection of the exposure mode, a high-speed pattern generator, a set of drivers to control the table and microscope and the user's manual in the electronic form.

This lithography system was installed in the Rzeszow University in collaboration with the Polish company Uni-Export Instruments Polska, Warszawa. The project also involved a training course for a group of students and staff members of the University.

"In Poland, we consider Rzeszow as a capital of innovations: all recent developments including newly-designed IT products are first implemented in this city. The University actively supports this established tradition by utilizing the most advanced technological solutions" says Professor Jerzy Wrobel, a head of the Laboratory of Nanolithography and Photolithography Technology of the academic Center for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology of Rzeszow University. "Therefore we selected hardware/software system NanoMaker-Writer, some performance characteristics of which exceed those of similar instruments from western manufactures. This system will allow us to transform a scanning electron microscope Tescan Vega SBH into a fully-featured lithograph to be used for fundamental and applied research projects in the area of nanolithography and photolithography. Besides we are planning to use the Russian system of e-beam lithography in our educational programs. Three years ago we purchased several NanoMaker-Editor licenses for our academic programs. Implementation of NanoMaker-Writer will become a next logical step in equipping the training facility of the nanolithography and photolithography technology laboratory with innovative technological solutions".

"E-beam lithography opens revolutionary opportunities in the study and precision fabrication of nanostructures for devices and instruments of the new generation" says Bulat Gaifullin, Director General of Interface Ltd. "Therefore we in collaboration with experts from the Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMT RAS) keep developing and upgrading the software/hardware system NanoMaker. Currently, this Russian product is based on unique methods and technologies for the fabrication of micro- and nanostructures having no counterparts on the international market. We believe that NanoMaker-Writer will facilitate efforts of our Polish colleagues on taking the research and education on a qualitatively new level".

About Interface Ltd.
Interface Ltd., a group of companies working in the Russian IT market since 1990, is active in the areas of design, development, implementation and support of custom-made applications as well as installation and technical support of software/hardware systems from the leading manufacturers (IBM, SAP, Oracle and others). Interface Ltd. is a supplier of software products and solutions for a wide range of applications. The company also assists in the preparation for ISO900x and CMMI certification, offers consulting and training services in the area of information technologies and is engaged in active research in a number of scientific and IT directions.

The Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMT RAS) was established in 1982-1983 as a department of the Institute of Solid State Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences and become independent in January 1984. IMT RAS is focused on research in the field of physical fundamentals of microelectronics and the study of properties of micro- and nano-objects, development of control and diagnostic techniques for microstructures and new microstructuring methods, design and fabrication of new materials for microelectronics.

About the Rzeszow University, Poland
The Rzeszow University is the largest higher education institution of the Eastern Poland. It was officially established in 2001 by combining three older education institutions of the city (Higher School of Education, Rzeszow branch of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and the Economics Department of the Academy of Agriculture). Since then the Rzeszow University has made a significant progress and was ranked the second best university in Poland. Today, the University offers programs and degrees in the fields of nanotechnology, informatics, medicine, philosophy, philology and management and it is also engaged in research in these areas.

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