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Image Array Acquisition for large-scale micro objects diagnostics

Image Array Acquisition for large-scale micro objects diagnostics

July 21, 2005

Image Array Acquisition (IAA) procedure was developed. The procedure acquires an array of images arranged in grid with stage displacements and writing the images to separate files. This procedure can be used for creation of high-resolution panoramic view of large-scale micro objects.

3x3 image array aggregated
Fig. Fragment of image array captured (the image was resampled for publication).
Yellow lines show the bounds of individual images.

All parameters of individual image (size in pixels and distance per pixel) and of array arrangement (number of rows and columns, step between image centers, start point) are predefined. Preparatory standard alignment and calibration operation are applied. IAA procedure is executed in automatic mode. If total area of images to be captured exceeds the SEM scan field, stage displacements are involved into IAA procedure. Every acquired image is saved to hard disk as TIFF file into a subfolder arranged for each array row. Periodical automatic drift correction can be applied after predefined time interval or number of acquired images.

Photo shows the 3x3 image array aggregated in one image (for stitching demonstration), which is a fragment of large size array. Every image has 1024x1024 pixel size and covers area of 5x5 um. Stage moving was carried out between consecutive image acquisitions.

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